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Color Book - learn English - a free app to learn basic English

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On mobile application market, there are a lot of learning language applications. Most of thesse apps are free but required user to purchase if they want to study more words. But now, we introduce a brand new mobile app - Color Book.


This current version have 11 categories with 177 words. We are working hard to bring you more words and categories in further versions.


  • Alphabet: learn about English alphabet.
  • Number: learn about numbers in English.
  • Color: learn about some commons colors.
  • Shape: learn about some commons shape.
  • Drink: learn about some daily drink and beverage.
  • Fruit: learn about some daily fruit.
  • Food: learn about some daily foods.
  • Animal: learn about some common animals
  • House: learn about some furniture and part in a house.
  • Outside: learn about things outside in nature.
  • Vehicle: learn about vehicles.

Test mode:

  • Listen and Choose
  • Word search

Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad with iOS version 6.0 or higher. Compatible with Android phone OS version 3.0 and later.

If you have any trouble when using this app, please contact me via email and I will response as soon as possible.

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